January 26, 2011

Gita for Peru - last January event is 1/29/11 at 730pm

Greetings friends,

It is my pleasure to share with you an invitation to our next Gita for Peru event, this weekend in Columbia, MD.  This is the last event we have scheduled for now, and while we are looking forward to having more events, it is not sure for the moment how things will unfold.  Please take a moment to read this invitation, which will share some of the vision for this concert and project. 

As many of you know, I have been travelling to Peru quite a bit over the last few years, and I have made deep connections with people in the area surrounding Cusco.  Last year in January, and again in March, the very region where I have spent so much time was devastated by horrific flooding, and many of the communities I have visited and lived within were destroyed.  There is still great suffering there, and most of the people who lost their homes last year are *still* homeless. 

When this was happening, I was not able to travel to Peru, and I have not been able to travel there since.  This has brought great sorrow to my heart, because I have come to feel that these people are my extended family.  I dreamed that there would be a way that I could help from here, and in May, I finally was hit with the inspiration that has set me in motion:  I am a musician, and I can use my art to raise money to help these people! 

Gita for Peru is my musical project that has grown from this original inspiration.  In this project, I have collaborated with other wonderful musicians in creating original instrumental music infused with the sounds of many world traditions - especially those rich in flute music in their cultures, including native North and South America, India, Tibet, and Ireland.  Our music is unlike anything you've heard before, for sure!  We also have set our music around live sacred poetry from the Indian text, the Bhagavad Gita.  In addition, we are sharing and leading our audiences in fun and inspiring songs that bring us all together in the concert experience! 

It would be my great pleasure if you were able to join us for our concert this weekend.  I'll include the details just below here.  Tickets are by donation, and the suggested contribution is $20, but any donation (lesser *or* greater) is welcome.  Also, if you are not able to come to this event, but would like to make a donation to the cause, please reply to this message and I will let you know how to proceed.  Most importantly, 100% of all donations will be contributed to the recovery efforts of communities in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  Every last penny.  =) 

Here's the details:

Where:  Coreworks Fitness
9160 Rumsey Road
(off of Red Branch Road)
Columbia, MD 21045

When:  Saturday 1/29/11 at 730pm

Cost:  Donation - suggested contribution is $20, but any donation (higher or lower) is greatly appreciated

This is in the first major complex on the right once you've turned onto Rumsey Rd.  Parking is plentiful, park toward the front right area of the lot, and walk back under the arbor area to find the studio!  Questions, please call Angela at 443-794-7485. 

Ayllu masikunapa - 
(this is Quechua for "we are all family")


Angela Blueskies

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