June 22, 2010

Many communities in the Sacred Valley of Peru still live according to the old ways, including this village, Amaru. They grow the plants that they use to create natural dyes, and also spin the wool from the animals they tend. Then, they also do the weaving of such incredible textiles. I asked this woman how old she was when she began to learn the intricacies of weaving - she was fourteen.

This is the view down the Valley from Pisac - the whole valley was flooded in late January and early March, and all the communities along the Urubamba River were affected.


Gita for Peru is a project born in the heart, a project of service to my brothers and sisters in the Sacred Valley of Peru. These communities were flooded in early 2010, and a great deal of damage occurred - homes were destroyed, lives were lost. I have been deeply touched by the time I've spent in Peru, I have been accepted as a sister without question by the community there. And I've been looking for a way to help. This project is the fruit of that desire.

I, along with several other beautiful souls, will be creating a series of sacred music concerts. Flute and Tibetan singing bowls, possibly guitar and hand drums, all creating a tapestry to carry recitations from the Bhagavad Gita. Concerts will be held throughout the Baltimore and Washington, DC area, and all proceeds will be donated to these communities in order to help with their rebuilding.

Please stop by to follow our progress, and to check out our dates once they've been set!

Lokah samastha sukinho bhavantu! Om!
May all beings be free and happy!