January 29, 2011

Directions and address for Gita for Peru 1/29 at Coreworks Fitness in Columbia, MD

Directions and address for tonight:

The address for Coreworks is:

9160 Rumsey Road
Columbia, MD 21045


*Take Rt 29 to 108E, and follow 108E for a short time until you reach Red Branch Road

*Turn Left at Red Branch Road. Follow the road for a bit - it curves around, and there are shops, offices and lots of businesses in this business park-type area.

*Turn Left at Rumsey Road (the first major option you have to turn Left). There is a Montessori School on the corner right by this turn.

*Once on Rumsey, you will continue briefly until you reach the first major business complex on the Right. If memory serves me, it is the 2nd possible turn on the Right (not including one driveway). This area is called the Rumsey Center, and there are several businesses in the complex - but the number 9160 is not readily visible at that point. This is almost immediately across from a deli/lunch counter (on the Left), which has an awning and sign out front. Also in this business area is a church, which takes up the left half of the building.

*Park near the buildings, to the front Right side. When facing the center of the building, walk to the right-most area, and you'll see an arbor area that opens up and leads back to some more businesses. Coreworks is just around the corner from the arbor area, suite B4.

Looking so forward to seeing you tonight, and sharing this inspiring event with you!

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